The Importance of a Free Consultation with a Mortgage Broker

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The Importance of a Free Consultation with a Mortgage Broker

As you know, a mortgage consultation needed to purchase a home is a major financial decision. In fact, a home may be the biggest purchase you make in your lifetime. Therefore, it’s super important that you get it right, from finding the perfect home to obtaining the best mortgage.

Fox Valley Mutual Mortgage Brokerage is an experienced brokerage team dedicated to helping buyers and sellers with all of their home buying/selling needs. We help those individuals looking to purchase a home get the most favorable mortgage terms and rates. In addition, we offer help with refinances and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs). Our mission is to ensure the financing for your dream home goes off without a hitch. Below, we’ll discuss the importance of a free consultation with a mortgage broker. Contact us to get started today!


What is a Mortgage Broker?

When seeking a home loan in Evergreen, you have a few options. You can head down to your local bank and apply for a mortgage with their mortgage lender, or you can choose a mortgage broker who works with many banks and financial institutions in order to find you the best rates possible. A mortgage broker works for you — not the bank — so you can rest assured that your mortgage is the best for you.

There are so many options for home loans that many people entering the mortgage market can quickly become overwhelmed. Having someone who can help you find the perfect home loan mortgage for you can be super helpful and can take a lot of stress off your shoulders. As we mentioned above, a home is one of your biggest purchases, so many people can become stressed over the entire process. This is not only bad for your health, but it can also lead to mood swings and depression.

Lisa Marie Schwartz with Fox Valley Mutual Mortgage Brokerage understands the pressures homeowners face. We work diligently to do all of the legwork for you, so you can concentrate on your move instead of your mortgage.

Most reputable mortgage brokers will offer a free consultation. The consultation is your opportunity to get to know the mortgage broker and vice versa, to let the mortgage broker know what you are looking for in a home mortgage, and to get all of your questions answered. Mortgage brokers are paid only when a home loan closes, so you can rest assured that your consultation won’t cost you anything.

This is also your opportunity to see how attentive the mortgage broker is to your needs. Since they aren’t getting paid to answer your questions when you’re not an existing client, they may be curt with you and make you feel rushed in your meeting. If that is the case, then move on to the next mortgage broker on your list. Lisa Marie Schwartz ensures that all of her clients are taken care of. She’s available for questions when you need an answer, and she always takes the time to educate her customers — both existing and potential. This is just one way that she sets herself apart from others in the mortgage industry.

Choose Fox Valley Mutual Mortgage Brokerage for All of Your Home Loan Needs Today!

There are many benefits to working with a mortgage broker. Some of these include access to hundreds of loan products and to the knowledge and expertise of the mortgage broker. You will also save time and money with someone else looking for the best deal for you.

Fox Valley Mutual Mortgage Brokerage with Lisa Marie Schwartz in Evergreen offers free mortgage consultations. Contact us to get started today!

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